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The pictures below show some of the frames, cleats and other components that go into an RJ.03 IBIS homebuilt airplane fuselage.
Some of the last pictures show that I've started with sanding and generally cleaning up the surfaces as a preparation for the outside plywood covering.

Frame that takes up nosegear mounting

One of the sub frames in the lower cockpit area

IBIS firewall being assembled

Firewall to be for the RJ.03 IBIS that Hans v.d. Linden is building near Cologne/Germany.

Firewall bulkhead in the rear

Front bulkhead to which canard will be mounted

Surface cleaning up after assembly was started...

Upside down assembly of fuselage

First sanding of foam and wooden framing

Here too, some initial cleaning up has started...

Main gear support block blanks

Just the blanks - clean-up & fitting to do